How to Oil Your Fellowes Shredder: A Step-by-Step Guide

Fellowes shredders are the ultimate tools for destroying crucial information on necessary documents. They are a valuable addition to your office equipment for shredding paper, credit cards, optical media, and classified documents. However, like any other machine, a shredder requires proper maintenance to function at its best.

One essential maintenance task for a shredder is to oil its blades at intervals to keep it running smoothly. Regular oiling of shredders keeps them functioning properly and prolongs their life. Fellowes Shredder Oil is your ultimate solution to ensure the maximum productivity of your shredding machines and is known to be the best oil for paper shredders.

How To Oil Your Fellowes Paper Shredder?

Oiling a paper shredder might seem daunting, but it is effortless and convenient. For Fellowes shredders, there are two preferred methods to lubricate the shredder blades for maximum output. Both these methods require a simple set of steps given below:

Prepare the Shredder

Turn off your paper shredder and unplug it from the power source. Remove any paper or debris accumulated on the blades. Ensure the shredder is clean and free of dust particles that could interfere with the oiling process.

Apply the Oil

You can apply the oil to your Fellowes shredder using two potential methods.

  • Press and hold the shredder reverse button on the control panel. Place the tip of the Fellowes shredder oil bottle and squeeze the product across the paper feed. Continue pressing the reverse button for another ten seconds to ensure appropriate oil distribution onto the blades.
  • Press and hold the forward button on the control panel. Place the squeeze bottle's nozzle across the paper feed's opening. Release the forward button, press the auto-on button, and shred one piece of paper for testing. Press and hold the reverse button again for 2-3 seconds for proper oil distribution across the blades.

Run the Shredder

After the oiling process is complete, let the oil sit for a few minutes, allowing it to penetrate the blades completely. Turn the machine on and run a few sheets of paper to distribute the oil accumulated in the blades evenly.

What are the Do’s and Don’t for Shredder Oiling?

It is strongly recommended to use Fellowes shredder oil for all Fellowes shredders to ensure maximum output. Fellowes offers a variety of shredder oils compatible with different shredder models.

It is strongly suggested to avoid aerosol oils to lubricate your shredder blades. Such lubricants are petroleum-based products and can cause serious fire hazards. It is a sound practice to use vegetable-based oils like Fellowes Shredder Oil for all paper shredders.

How Often Should You Oil Your Shredder?

The frequency of oiling depends upon various factors, including:

  • Materials being shredded
  • The quantity of the material in the paper feed
  • The intensity of shredding operations
  • The total time of the shredding process

The common practice should be to oil the shredder blades whenever the machine is experiencing difficulty in operations or frequent jamming. In case of occasional use, the shredder oiling is only required every two months to maintain optimal performance.

Fellowes Heavy Duty Shredders require continuous oiling at ten-minute intervals for smooth bulk shredding operations.

For Fellowes Cross Cut Shredders, it is a good practice to oil the shredder blades every time the waste bin is emptied.

For Fellowes High Security Shredders, oiling the shredder blades every fifteen minutes of shredding operations proves a fruitful practice.

Which Oil Should You Use For Fellowes Paper Shredders?

Fellowes offers a comprehensive range of shredder oils compatible with different shredder applications. For instance,

Use Fellowes 35250 Powershred Shredder Oil for Fellowes cross cut and micro cut shredders. The 12 Oz. bottle comes with an extended nozzle for seamless application.

Fellowes 3505701 Powershred Shredder Oil comes in a 12 Oz. bottle with an extended nozzle for easy application. The high-viscosity oil best suits Fellowes's high security and high capacity shredders with automatic oilers.

Fellowes 3505801 Powershred Shredder Oil comes in a huge 32 Oz. bottle for a long-lasting use and better quantity. This shredder oil is compatible with high security and high capacity shredders and provides a hassle-free and lasting performance.


Stan Twardowski

Stan Twardowski

I have the 220-2 model and the owners guide indicates lubricating instructions for the 220-2C model . Does this mean you do not lubricate the 220-2?
Please advise.

J Rasche

J Rasche

Do you oil the new shredder before using. I bought the oil when I purchased the medium 8-9 sheets shredder . I only shred personal casual use.

Fellowes Shredder

Fellowes Shredder

Hi George,
Thank you for the feedback! How about a discount on your next purchase of shredder supplies? Cheers.

George Lucas

George Lucas

You have given instructions on how to oil the Fellowes shredder which is informative. My question is why didn’t you supply the first tube of oil for the shredder as a complimentary act?

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