Best paper shredder selection relies on various aspects, including where the shredder will be used and how often it will be used. One of the most common errors customers make is selecting a shredder that does not fit their demands and constantly picking an insufficiently sturdy paper shredder. For example, people buy a small paper shredder for home use when they require an industrial shredder for more significant assignments. They may need an industrial shredder if they operate in a large organization. Paper shredders are the best method to deal with confidential information, whether you need one for your home or a company that handles sensitive data.

We have selected the top auto-max shredders among Fellowes. Fellowes shredders have garnered over 4,000 user evaluations. Following are some of the best-rated Fellowes Automax Shredders, including essential features like shredder safety and jam avoidance. Find the ideal shredder for your home, a compact office shredder, or a heavy-duty shredder. Consider the following factors while buying one and the best models we've tested.

Fellowes AutoMax 100M Auto Feed Shredder

The Fellowes Automax 100M has a flexible FlexShred functionality that can automatically shred up to 100 pages or ten sheets manually. Fellowes Automax 100m can shred credit cards, paper clips, and staples using the manual slot. The maximum P4 security level offers excellent protection with shreds 6X smaller than a conventional cross-cut shredder—the 100M shreds for 15 minutes before a cool-down time.

Fellowes Automax 100M is the best home office shredder. For shared workplaces, the SilentShred function provides ultra-quiet performance. If a jam develops, Auto Reverses the paper. The Sleep Mode turns off the shredder after 2 minutes of inactivity to conserve energy.

Fellowes AutoMax 200M Auto Feed Shredder

We recognize that shredding might be inconvenient. We created our range of AutoMax Shredders, which brings the convenience of automatic shredding to offices of all sizes, resulting in enhanced productivity. You don't need to do anything else than fill the tray and push play, and you can go back to work while AutoMax is busy shredding. In only 4-5 minutes, the Fellowes AutoMax 200M micro-cut auto-feed shredder can shred a stack of 200 sheets into unreadable particles for improved protection on sensitive papers. It has superior jam avoidance, energy efficiency, and noise reduction capabilities.

Fellowes AutoMax 350C Auto Feed Shredder

The AccuFeed System is used by the Fellowes AutoMax 350C to automatically shred stacks of paper, including papers containing staples and paper clips. Load the drawer, hit the start button, and walk away! The 350C shreds up to 350 sheets of paper automatically or 12 pages at a time manually for up to 45 minutes, finishing shredding duties in one sitting.This fellowes shredder Shreds documents into 5/32” x 1½" cross-cut particles for enhanced security to keep your sensitive information safe and can shred credit cards, CDs/DVDs, glossy paper and junk mail. It has an Auto Reverse feature that prevents and reverses paper jams, eliminating time-consuming aggravation, and a large 18 gallon detachable bin that avoids the need for regular emptying.

Fellowes AutoMax 550C Auto Feed Shredder

The AccuFeed Technology in the Fellowes AutoMax 550C Auto Feed Shredder is groundbreaking. Load up to 550 pages into the drawer, and your papers will be shredded into tiny 4x38mm Security Level P-4 particles in under 12 minutes. It catches shredded micro-cut particles in a capacious 22gal. detachable bin, eliminating the need for regular emptying. If a jam develops, a Jam Prevention system immediately stops and reverses the paper, eliminating shredding disruptions, while SilentShred improves utilisation in any quiet workplace. Fellowes Automax cross cut shredder 550c can handle a wide range of paper kinds and sizes. A manual feed mechanism is also available to destroy credit cards, folded paper, and junk mail. The SmartLock safety function, which is an optional 4-digit locking mechanism that keeps papers secure throughout the shredding cycle, is also included with the AutoMax 550C. A sleep mode function saves energy by activating after 2 minutes of inactivity.

Fellowes AutoMax 600M Auto Feed Shredder

The Fellowes AutoMax 600M incorporates proprietary AccuFeed Technology for automated shredding that saves time. This Automax shredder Automatically shred up to 600 pages in 9-10 minutes, or manually shred up to 14 sheets every pass. For further protection, the micro-cut P-5 security level shreds papers into minuscule 564" x 35/64" particles. A continuous duty engine ensures continuous shredding, allowing for the completion of extensive shredding operations in a single sitting. The optional Smart Lock function protects private information by interacting with shred cycles. SilentShredTM is ideal for use in shared workplaces because of its ultra-quiet operation. A large 22-gallon detachable trash bin stores over 900 shredded sheets, reducing the frequency with which the bin must be emptied.

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bill downes

bill downes

I’m hoping to buy a used CF PS 10C. This is the “model” number the seller is providing,
but I can’t find it on your site nor several others. Could you please provide the equivalent specs for this model, interested in the security level of the cut. THANKS !!

Ms Lynette Williamson

Ms Lynette Williamson

I have sent a previous comment as follows:
Please advise how to use lubricant Fellows oil on my shredder.
Would appreciate very much.
Lyn Williamson

Ms Lynette Williamson

Ms Lynette Williamson

Please advise how to use Fellows oil dispenser bottle on what moving parts of my shredder.
Thanking you
Lyn Williamson

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