Paper shredders have long been in use from mid 90’s especially after the World War to abolish and destroy sensitive and confidential information of the government organisations. Early shredders involved manually cutting papers by hand into smaller strips and pieces. Now a days with the advancement in technology, shredding business has massively boomed with a few prominent shredding services out there. Fellowes has been a trustable name when it comes to new methods of shredding. Whether be an office, banks, hospitals or any secret organisation, Fellowes Shredders guarantee a seamless operation within seconds. From document shredding to paperclips to staples and credit card, Fellowes shredders feature solid steel blades that guarantee shredding in to the tiniest of the particles.

Fellowes offers shredders for home, office and for heavy duty usage elsewhere. These paper shredders feature 3 different sizes depending on the type of operation and usage of each shredder at a single time. According to the time interval, i.e. 10 minutes, 30 minutes or continuously, shredders are categorized into 3 different types. The 10 minutes operational shredders carry maximum of 12 sheets at a time and are usually used for home application. The 30 minutes shredders are ideally used for offices and can withstand and shred 20 sheets at a time. The third category is the continuous category that can help shred papers continuously as they arrive and has a capacity to shred 38 sheets in a single go. These are heavy duty shredders that feature motors that can run for a long time. Furthermore, the consumer can select the type of paper cut they require depending on the security concerns and paper size. The strip-cut offers basic security level making small strips of paper after its shredded. The cross cut offers enhanced security than the simple strip cut and is used for more confidential business. The micro cut and high security cuts shred the paper into very refined particles so as to make the tracing back completely impossible. Additionally, most of the Fellowes shredders have SafeSense Technology made with jam proof, silent and energy efficient features that makes shredding very economical and smooth. With these varieties of shredders at the user’s convenience, Fellowes provides the top class shredders to the consumer market at very mediocre prices, making it a must sought out shredder companion among many others.