The Fellowes Powershred 125i is a mighty innovative shredder that shreds up to 18 sheets of paper into 39 strip pieces with great accuracy and convenience. Not only that, but Fellowes offers a variety of features in the 125i unit that provide users with endless opportunities. From credit cards, to CDs, to stapled paper and any junk mail, the 125i is the all in one paper shredding companion. The Powershred 125i ensures the seamless operations of paper shredding with its jam proof technology carefully engineered at different levels with multiple sensors that measure the maximum thickness and instant feedback in case if errors encountered.

The Fellowes shredder features patented SafeSense technology that incorporates a safety sensor surrounding the entry of paper and automatic shutdown in case of hands near the opening. This paper shredder also features ultra-quiet operations with the SilentShred Technology making it ideal for usage in office cubicles without the hassle of noisy operations. With its superb solid steel cutters, powerful motor and a 14 gallon waste bin that supports an LED indicator for when the bin is full, the 125i is the strongest yet most economical paper shredding solution. Furthermore, the Fellowes shredder works continuously for 45 minutes before needing a cool down time. Sized ideally and providing energy efficient operations, this Fellowes Powershred is an ideal paper shredding equipment to be used in hospitals, offices and banks. The Fellowes Shredding services offers extended warranty of 2 years on the Powershred 125i, hence making it a promising deal for the mediocre price that it comes at.