Paper shredding or document destruction is essential for keeping personal and sensitive information secure. Most of us generate and maintain sensitive information files, including invoices, financial statements, marketing strategies, personnel files, and even delivery items. Shredders are devices that cut paper into strips or fine bits, which are subsequently collected and recycled by government offices, non-profit organizations, significant enterprises, small businesses, and individual persons alike.

Although online identity theft is becoming more prevalent, the necessity to maintain and increase the frequency of paper shredding remains critical. Identity theft and sensitive data leakage can still occur in paper form. Our methods for effectively disposing of paper trails break when we are focused on defending ourselves against internet scammers. 

When shredding non-confidential papers, such as junk mail, a strip-cut shredder is an excellent choice. So, which are the greatest strip-cut shredders on the market? We've chosen Fellowes strip cut shredders for personal usage for destroying papers at home. For additional heavy-duty shredding operations, you may also get dependable commercial shredders for the office.

#1 | Fellowes Powershred 90s StripCut Shredder:

The Fellowes 90S shredder has a strip cut capacity of 5.8mm. It is a sleek and contemporary professional machine suitable for moderate-duty office use and built for 1-3 users. The longer-run length of 25 minutes is ideal for high-volume shredding. The machine can shred up to 18 sheets of A4 paper in a single pass and takes credit cards, staples, paperclips, and CDs/DVDs.

With all of the capabilities available on the Fellowes powershred 90s , including an auto-reverse system that pauses and reverses paper if a jam occurs, you can shred with ease. In addition, the  90S strip cut paper shredder includes SilentShred Technology, which allows this machine to blend into any setting seamlessly. The 90S stripcut shredder is excellent for shared usage since it can shred for up to 25 minutes before requiring a cooldown time and features a 9-gallon pull-out bin.

  • Sheet Capacity: 18
  • Shred Speed: 25 ft/min
  • Feed Opening Size: 7/32"
  • Cut Type: Strip Cut 
  • Security Level: P-2
  • Bin Capacity: 9 Gallon

#2 | Fellowes Powershred 485i Strip-Cut Shredder:

With the Fellowes 485i 100 percent Jam Proof Strip-Cut Shredder, you can keep critical business information safe. The 485i was designed and built in the United States, and it has three layers of jam avoidance for trouble-free running. The 485i can shred plastic credit cards, staples, paper clips, CDs/DVDs, and junk mail while strip-cutting up to 38 pages of paper in one pass. When hands touch the paper opening, SafeSense technology immediately stops the shredder. The 485i best type of paper shredder has an Energy Savings System that delivers maximum energy efficiency at all times—in use and out of service. Waste disposal is simplified with a 35-gallon detachable container.

  • Sheet Capacity: 38
  • Shred Speed: 20 ft/min
  • Category: Office Shredder
  • Feed Opening Size: 7/32
  • Cut Type: Strip Cut 
  • Security Level: P-2
  • Bin Capacity: 35 Gallon

#3 | Fellowes Powershred 425i Strip-Cut Shredder:

Fellowes Powershred 425i is a 100% Jam Proof straight cut paper shredder, ideal for large offices and multiple users. It can shred 38-40 sheets of paper per pass into 5.8mm strips (Security Level P- 2). The shredder is equipped with SafeSense Technology that immediately stops shredding when hands touch the paper entry; it also has an Energy savings system that reduces in-use energy consumption and powers down after periods of inactivity. The 425i is tough enough to shred plastic credit cards, staples, paper clips, CDs/DVDs, and junk mail. The 425i also has a 30-gallon detachable bin for simple trash removal. The Fellowes 425i is built equipped with solid steel cutters, a powerful motor, and parts engineered to outperform our competitors.

  • Sheet Capacity: 18
  • Shred Speed: 16 ft./min.
  • Feed Opening Size: 9 1/2"
  • Cut Type: Strip Cut
  • Security Level: P-4
  • Bin Capacity: 13 Gallons 

Using a shredder, you can keep your personal information secure. Documents are swiftly reduced to tiny strips or microscopic bits by a strip cut shredder, making them nearly tricky to reassemble and decipher. Fellowes Shredder is ideal for home and office use and is one of the best shredders on the market.       

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