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Fellowes Fortishred HS-440 Micro-cut Paper Shredder

Fellowes has made a trusted name in the shredding industry with its high performance shredders targeting all the user needs. With the Fortishred HS-440, Fellowes offers a high security shredder that has NSA security certification and is TAA compliant.  Meeting the requirements of the NSA/CSS Specification 02-01 for high security micro-cut shredders, the HS-440 offers a security level P-7 shredding for enhanced confidentiality. It allows a sheet capacity of 4-10 with a 9.5”paper entry, accommodating 1-3 users and offers paper jam prevention. From paper clips, to staple, plastic credit cards, CD’s, DVD’s or junk mail, this Fellowes shredder can shred anything in seconds with its solid steel blades. The Fellowes Fortishred HS-440 Micro-cut Paper Shredder features a continuous run time along with an automatic shutoff after 30 minutes of inactivity for energy savings. Furthermore, this Fellowes shredder incorporates a safety shield feature that automatically stops the shredder in case it is opened for maintenance etc. Integrated with the Fellowes SilentShred technology, this high security shredder offers ultra-quite performance that makes it ideal for uses in quietest of the office cubicles or departments. The HS-440 offers fine high security shredded paper along with minimal paper dust for clean and efficient shredding operations.

The Fortishred HS-440 incorporates a heavy duty motor along solid steel cutters that are engineered to provide superior performance. This product comes with 1 year machine warranty along with 1 year blade warranty. A dedicated 15 amp outlet is required for optimal performance of the Fellowes shredder. The document shredder also features a 9.25 gallon bin that takes care of all shredded paper material for easy disposal. Not only is Fellowes HS-440 a complete shredding solution but also a pioneer in durable and heavy duty paper shredders.

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